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Milton Tradings was established in 1989, starting with the importation quality packaging products and distributing them to an extensive network of wholesalers throughout Australia. However, the rapid expansion of our business led to us to branch out as a specialist manufacturer of paper and plastic products. Milton Tradings is now Australia’s leading company for promoting high-quality food packaging solutions to the industry under its eminent brand, Wise Buy.

We continuously strive to innovate and perfect our disposable packaging products through our commitment to quality and excellence. Our success in world class design and printing services has earned us a reputation as a provider of high-quality custom printed products. Our products will help you advertise and promote your brand.


Our products are internationally recognised and, through our extensive network of distributors, are now part of everyday use across Australia and New Zealand and in countries such as the UK, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji. We also take pride in providing exceptional service by delivering your orders on time, making sure you never run out of stock.


Milton Tradings is the ideal partner to help you grow. We are committed to understanding your business and the trends that drive the food service market. We provide a wide range of quality food packaging disposables necessary to serve your all business’ needs now, and in the future.

Milton Tradings delivers Australia wide, with our Head office based in Eastern Creek, Sydney.

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